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Sit child, and let me tell you the story of how the greatest canned cocktail company came to be…


One hot summer day off the north shores of Tahoe, two friends cheered each other after another successful mountain bike shred sesh. As they sipped their beers they realized that their post-adventure routine was getting a bit stagnant. Beers are what our dads drank after crushing trails on their steel framed single speed bikes…shouldn’t we be drinking something a bit more modern? Then it clicked. Our two dust-covered adventures got to work creating drinks that checked all their post adventure needs; easily crushable, a delicious variety of bar-quality cocktail flavors using real spirits, and natural ingredients. After that the last thing to do was to pair these drinks with a brand that reflected their personality and captured the essence of making every outdoor experience a mini party.


Mountain Mixology was created for those who realize life’s too short for bad drinks with good friends. We strive to create premium canned cocktail flavor while working hard to embody the fun outdoor spirit that personifies who we are. We believe that preservation of the outdoors is critical for maintaining the lifestyle that we know and love which is why Mountain Mixology has pledged to give back a portion of all sales to local and national charities who help keep our mountains wild


Every adventure deserves a celebration, our goal is to make sure that celebration is just as epic as the reason you’re celebrating. So go ahead and crack open a can, prance like a flamingo, cheers your friends, and create monumental stories to tell. That’s what we’ll be doing, see you on the trails!

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