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Flamingos are natures way of reminding us that it's ok to party...and no good party is complete without a perfectly crafted margarita! A portion of proceeds from Two Flamingos sales help preserve and build mountain biking trails throughout the Sierras.

Two Flamingos

Can Volume: 12oz

Alc. by Vol: 6.0%


Grandpa's Pick-Me-Up

Some Grandpas teach you how to woodwork, ours taught us how to drink gin and tonics. Mountainous blackberry and lime flavors pair with a slight botanical gin to create this delicious cocktail. A portion of proceeds from sales help preserve climbing routes in the Sierras.

Can Volume: 12oz

Alc. by Vol: 6.0%

Image by Nicolas Moscarda
Image by Edgar Castrejon


Good friends, cold drinks, and juicy watermelon. These are the three ingredients to a perfect summer beach day according to Brandon in marketing. We have no reason to doubt him so we created this salty watermelon vodka spritz specifically formulated for having a good time. 

Can Volume: 12oz

Alc. by Vol: 6.0%


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